Motivate action with the right content

Bredin's writers and editors are informed by our research and expertise in the SMB market. Our research and content teams collaborate to ensure that your content has a differentiated angle, will achieve program goals and is in the best format for your audience and objectives.

Bredin produces award-winning custom content for Fortune 500 companies in many formats including:

  • Research-based reports for lead gen, thought leadership and driving sales
  • Buyers' guides to explain a product category and emphasize your differentiating strengths
  • How-to guides that use data to educate a reader and convey client expertise
  • Webcasts to present data in a compelling way, showcase SMEs and attract high-potential prospects
  • Blogs, customer stories and case studies to support thought leadership

Content Samples

  • A report to reinforce thought leadership and communicate client value
  • A report for top of funnel and lead gen
  • An article from a large series of pieces to drive usage and build brand
  • A lead gen handbook
  • A buyer's guide to support sales and emphasize client strengths
  • An article created to support client priority offerings as part of a multi-year marketing support initiative
  • A guide to support an email nurture campaign
  • Customer stories to support marketing initiatives
  • A report to emphasize the value of a client's unique offering

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