Original, Actionable Market Research

Effective SMB marketing begins with an in-depth understanding of your target: attitudes, motivations, preferences, perceptions, intentions, opinions, segments and more.

Bredin has twenty years of experience developing highly-effective market research programs exclusively for clients targeting the SMB segment.

We are highly skilled at:

  • Recommending research formats that work best for SMBs and your strategic goals.
  • Developing questionnaires that resonate with entrepreneurs. We speak the language entrepreneurs are comfortable with, based on our long experience developing SMB communication programs.
  • Providing actionable research results. We understand that research is only valuable if it leads to profitable marketplace actions.
  • Developing research-based marketing or sales support content, where relevant. We are unique in our ability to plan research with the end content in mind. We develop questions that will elicit good copy points, and there is no knowledge loss from the research firm to the creative agency.

Our research helps clients understand SMB:

  • Ad concept perceptions
  • Attitudes and usage
  • Brand awareness / perception / purchase intent
  • Business / economic outlook
  • Communications preferences / testing
  • Competitive perceptions
  • Customer satisfaction / loyalty
  • Day-to-day needs and concerns
  • Market segmentation
  • Media behaviors and preferences
  • Message and positioning testing
  • New product opportunities
  • Personas and buyer journeys
  • Purchase behaviors and preferences
  • Reaction to potential marketing partnerships
  • Site perceptions / user experience

In addition to custom research, we keep SMB marketers informed of SMB preferences through a monthly survey of SMB principals.

We provide insight to inform marketing program and product development, as well as to enhance our client’s visibility among SMBs.

We conduct:

  • Qualitative market research through one-on-one conversations, and live and online focus groups to obtain a real-world understanding of SMB and sales force preferences, motivations and drivers. These insights translate into identification of strategic business opportunities, including improved customer acquisition and loyalty, and increased competitive advantage.
  • Quantitative market research and advanced statistical analyses to assess customer or prospect needs, attitudes, preferences and behaviors; identify key market segments and personas; clarify competitive positioning; and provide other key market insights. We recommend the research format, develop data collection methods, conduct the research, analyze the data and provide customized recommendations based on insights gained through the research.

We’d love to discuss your research needs. Contact us for a consultation.

Monthly SMB Pulse Omnibus Survey

When you don’t have the time, budget or need for full-fledged custom quantitative research, our monthly omnibus survey – the Bredin SMB Pulse – provides fast, inexpensive research. You get data within three weeks of question submission, including summary results and detailed cross-tabs on seven firmographic criteria.

The SMB Pulse is perfect for generating data for:

  • New product assessment – e.g. features, user experience, bundles, pricing
  • Media assessment – determine how best to reach your target
  • Creative testing – from positioning statements to messaging and creative feedback
  • Content marketing – gathering data for infographics, white papers and other formats
  • Social media – generating data for posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere
  • PR campaigns – collecting data or creating indexes for media programs and communications

Interested? Learn more about the Bredin SMB Pulse.

The Voice of Small Business

When you want informal insight from small business owners directly but don’t have the time or budget for focus groups, the Bredin Voice of Small Business can help. We recruit six business owners for an hour-long phone conversation. You select the participant specifications, and ask questions directly. You can schedule this call on a one-time or ongoing basis to gain quick, convenient insight on whatever questions you and your team have about SMB attitudes, perceptions, intentions and outlook.

Want fast, exploratory SMB insight? Learn more about the Bredin Voice of Small Business.