Case Studies, White Papers and Webcasts

Case studies, white papers and webcasts are three essential content formats to create awareness among small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), enable them to research your offerings, drive thought leadership and capture leads. But where do those elements work best in the sales cycle, how important are they to SMBs, what do SMBs most want from them, what product categories do they work best in, how long should they be, and how do SMBs access them?

To answer these questions – and to help you develop more effective content for SMBs – we recently surveyed 318 U.S. SMB principals. The results are instructive; there are some great learnings on how to develop and promote these important content elements.

In this new 550-page report from Bredin, the SMB marketing experts, you’ll find unique insights on:

  • The industries from which SMBs most – and least – want case studies, white papers and webcasts
  • The formats SMBs most prefer for case studies
  • How long SMBs like each element to be
  • What SMBs want from each format
  • How SMBs prefer to learn about each format
  • Perceptions SMBs have of leading resource centers*
  • And more!

You’ll also get detail on how SMBs vary in their preferences by respondent age and gender; as well as company size, revenue, age, growth rate, industry and region.

For only $750, you get

  • The full 550-page report
  • An individual walk-through by Bredin CEO Stu Richards

*Resource centers from: ADP, American Express OPEN, AT&T, ATB Financial, Bank of America, BB&T, Capital One, CenturyLink, Chase Bank, Cisco, Citibank, Dell, Deluxe, eBay, FedEx, Groupon, HP, IBM, Intel, Intuit, LinkedIn, M&T Bank, Microsoft, Office Depot, OnDeck, Salesforce, Spectrum Business, Staples, SunTrust Bank, Symantec, TD Bank, Union Bank, UPS, Verizon, VISA, and Wells Fargo.

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