Selling to SMBs via Peers and Influencers

Get key insights on how best to sell to SMBs via peers and influencers.

Small and mid-sized business owners (SMBs) rely on their peers more than almost any other source of information to learn about, research and make a final purchase decision on products and services for their business. But how can you capitalize on SMBs’ desire for peer advice?

To find out, we recently surveyed over 300 U.S. SMB principals. The results are instructive; there are some great learnings on how SMBs define peers; when they rely on peers most; how (and how often) they engage with their peers; and how companies can provide SMBs with peer advice. There are also new learnings on how SMBs think about influencers; which topics they are most likely to turn to influencers for advice; which influencers are top of mind; and the effect on your brand perception, purchase intent and loyalty of providing advice from peers and influencers.

In this new report from Bredin, the SMB marketing experts, you’ll find unique insights on:

  • The SMB business outlook
  • The role of peers in providing advice at the awareness, research and purchase stages of the sales cycle
  • How SMBs rate peer advice versus other counsel
  • How SMBs define peers
  • When SMBs most rely on peer advice
  • What formal peer advice formats SMBs use
  • How SMBs engage with their peers
  • The topics on which SMBs most want advice from their peers
  • How SMBs want their vendors to provide peer advice
  • Which companies provide peer advice well
  • Which influencers are top of mind with SMBs
  • The topics on which SMBs most want advice from influencers
  • Which companies provide influencer advice well
  • The impact of providing peer and influencer advice on brand perception, acquisition and retention
  • Detail on how SMBs vary in their preferences by respondent age and gender; as well as company revenue, age, growth rate, industry and region

For only $750, you get

  • The full report
  • Plus an individual walk-through by Bredin CEO Stu Richards

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