Engaging SMBs with Email Newsletters

Get key insights on how best to engage SMBs with email newsletters.

What are SMBs’ most pressing challenges? How do they want advice on managing those challenges from vendors like you? What is the role of email newsletters in engaging SMBs? What kind of content do SMBs want in email newsletters, from which vendors, and how often? What gets them to subscribe to an email newsletter, and to forward it to colleagues? What is the effect of an email newsletter on SMB perceptions of your brand, and propensity to do business with you?

To answer these questions, we recently surveyed over 300 U.S. SMB principals. The results are instructive; there are some great learnings on how you can use an email newsletter program to drive awareness, retention and cross-sell.

In this new report from Bredin, the SMB marketing experts, you’ll find unique insights on:

  • The latest SMB 2016 business outlook
  • How SMBs rate their business challenges
  • The formats SMBs want business management advice in
  • The topics SMBs are most interested in
  • The industries from which SMBs most want email newsletters – and that they already receive a newsletter from
  • Which companies’ email newsletters SMBs prefer
  • How frequently SMBs want an email newsletter from your industry
  • The mix of product information and business management advice SMBs prefer
  • The devices SMBs receive and read email newsletters on
  • How and when SMBs read email newsletters
  • Where SMBs are most likely to subscribe to an email newsletter
  • What gets SMBs to forward an email newsletter to colleagues
  • How SMBs promote themselves
  • Best practices in email newsletter program development
  • The effect of an email newsletter program on SMB awareness, brand perception and purchase propensity
  • Detail on how SMBs vary in their preferences by respondent age and gender; as well as company revenue, age, growth rate, industry and region

For only $750, you get

  • The full report
  • Plus an individual walk-through by Bredin CEO Stu Richards

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