Engaging SMBs via Resource Centers

Get key insights on how best to engage with SMBs via Resource Centers.

Resource centers are an essential element of content marketing to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). SMB-focused resource centers such as the American Express OPEN Forum, the FedEx Small Business Center, the Google Small Business Community, the Intuit QuickBooks Small Business Center and the Microsoft US SMB blog represent significant investments in content development and promotion, with the goal of engaging, acquiring and retaining SMBs.

Given their popularity – there are dozens of resource centers targeting SMBs – and their expense, how can you make the most of your resource center to drive traffic, build awareness and convert SMB customers?

To find out how you can maximize the payback on events, we recently surveyed over 300 U.S. SMB principals.

In this new report from Bredin, the SMB marketing experts, you’ll find unique insights on:

  • The SMB business outlook
  • The role of resource centers at the awareness, research and purchase stages of the sales cycle
  • How often SMBs visit resource centers
  • How long they stay, and how much content they consume per visit
  • The topics and formats they prefer
  • How much product information SMBs want in a resource center
  • The industries from whom SMBs want resource centers
  • SMB resource center visit motivations and behaviors
  • What SMBs value in a resource center
  • The devices SMBs use to visit resource centers
  • How useful resource center content is overall
  • The effect of resource centers on brand perception, site visits, purchase and retention
  • Individual assessment of 48 SMB-focused resource centers*

For only $750, you get

  • The full report
  • Plus an individual walk-through by Bredin CEO Stu Richards

*Resource Centers covered:

  • American Express OPEN Forum
  • ADP Small Business Resources
  • AT&T Business Circle
  • Bank of America Small Business Community
  • BB&T Small Business Center
  • Bond Street Small Business Resource Center
  • BusinessLoans.com from OnDeck Capital
  • CAN Capital resources
  • Capital One Small Business Resources
  • Capital One Spark Business IQ
  • CenturyLink Bright Ideas
  • Chase for Business / Business Resource Center
  • Cisco Small Business Resource Center
  • Citibank Small Business Resource Center
  • Commerce Bank Small Business Resource Center
  • Comerica Small Business Resource Center
  • Constant Contact Marketing Advice
  • Deluxe Small Business Resource Center
  • FedEx Small Business Center
  • First Tennessee Business Resource Center
  • GoDaddy Blog
  • Google Small Business Community
  • Groupon Business Resource Center
  • Hiscox Small Business Resource Center
  • HP The Pulse of IT
  • Intuit QuickBooks Small Business Center
  • Lending Club blog
  • Lenovo SMB Resources
  • Microsoft US SMB Blog
  • Office Depot/OfficeMax Business Solutions Center
  • OnDeck Small Business Blog
  • Paychex Worx
  • PayPal Business Resource Center
  • Salesforce Small Business Resources
  • Shopkeep Small Business Hub
  • Spectrum Business Insights
  • Sprint Business Resources / blog
  • Staples Business Hub
  • SunTrust Small Business Resource Center
  • Symantec Small and Medium Business Information Center
  • TD Bank Small Business Resource Center
  • Union Bank Small Business Resource Center
  • UPS Small Business Resource Center
  • Verizon Small Biz Resources
  • Vertical Response Blog
  • VISA Small Business Resources & Tools
  • Wells Fargo Works
  • Zions Bank Business Resource Center.

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